What Did The President Know And When Did He Know It? Samantha Bee Explains

Yes, it’s the question that was famously asked all those years ago in the middle of the Watergate hearings: What did the President know, and when did he know it? The answer was not favorable to Nixon, and now we have to wonder if history will soon be repeating itself.

Wonder no more, my friends. Samantha Bee has explained it all for us. See, when Donald Trump says he had no idea Mike Flynn talked to the Russian ambassador about sanctions, what he really means is something like this: Yeah, I knew, but I was sitting down when he did it, so it doesn’t count.

Here’s another that we can safely assume: When Trump says he admires Vladimir Putin, what he actually means is: Vlad is a great guy. He paid for my presidential run and promised me he would never ever release those videos of chicks pissing on me while I laugh and hum “Singin’ in the Rain.”

Here’s what Sam Bee thinks it all means:

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