WATCH: Bush Speaks Out, Reminds Us That Republicans Weren’t Always Little P*ssies

Former President George W. Bush refused to endorse President Donald Trump during his campaign. He has been fairly quiet on Trump’s ties to Russia. That changed when he appeared on NBC’s Today.

President Bush took aim at all of Trump’s talking points. He disagrees with Trump on everything from the “travel ban,” immigration, and Russia, to the media.

As ABC 13 reports:

“Former President George W. Bush said Monday ‘we all need answers’ on the extent of contact between President Donald Trump’s team and the Russian government, and didn’t rule out the idea that a special prosecutor could be necessary to lead an investigation.”

Bush also had criticism on Trump’s war on the media. He warned that power can become intoxicating, stating:

“We need an independent media to hold people like me to account.”

The press needs to be able to hold the government accountable. President Bush stated that he spent a lot of time trying to convince Russian President Vladimir Putin to embrace the media.

No one with any amount of common sense believes that Trump is doing right with the media, immigration, or his obvious ties to Russia. When the voice of reason liberals are praising is the voice of President Bush, you know we have fallen down the rabbit hole and into a world of madness.

Watch Bush speak on Trump below:

Featured Image: By The U.S. National Archives Via Flickr/CC-0-1.0.

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