WATCH: Anti-Choice Extremist Thinks BC ‘Kills Children’ – Stupid F*ckery Or Alternative Fact?

Birth control is one of the safest family planning methods available, aside from abstinence. The mechanism that allows birth control to work actually prevents a pregnancy from ever happening, as opposed to an abortion, which terminates a pregnancy that’s already happened.

Two forms of birth control, the pill and intrauterine devices (IUDs), have some of the highest success rates at preventing pregnancy – aside from abstinence – and are safer than other methods.

These are basic facts, and indisputable. Right?

Not anymore, according to one anti-choice extremist, Kristan Hawkins, who appeared on MSNBC with Joy Reid. Either Hawkins is one of the poorly educated who President Donald Trump loves so much or she’s just trying to blow smoke up our asses.

During an interview with MSNBC’s Joy Reid in which the panel discussed Planned Parenthood services, Hawkins admitted that her ultimate goal is to make sure that birth control measures like the pill are outlawed entirely.

Reid asked if everyone was in agreement at least about birth control, and whether it should be legal and accessible for every woman and teen girl who wants it.

Hawkins replied:

“I believe certain forms can be legal, yes. I don’t believe abortion causing contraception should be legal.”

Hawkins thinks the pill and IUDs are forms of birth control that are “abortion causing,” and that these, among other preventative birth control measures, actively “kill babies.”

Specifically regarding IUDs, Hawkins said:

“I don’t think they should be legal. They put women at risk and they kill children.”

This is flat out false. Reid attempted to get Hawkins to admit that by asking:

“Kristan, Kristan, Kristan… I just want clarity. You think that the pill and the IUD should be illegal, right?”

Except that Hawkins, who seems to have no clue how the female body works, how fertilization happens, or how any of the safe birth control methods work, answered:

“In the pro-life movement we’re working towards abolishing abortion. That’s why we want Planned Parenthood’s money to go to health centers which don’t do contraception.”

Hawkins apparently made room on Kellyanne Conway’s bandwagon of Alternative Facts the way she so easily twisted basic, indisputable facts about birth control and pregnancy.

How Birth Control Actually Works

Simply put – for all you poorly educated Trump supporters out there who want birth control outlawed too – you can’t kill something that isn’t there in the first place.

Birth control stops an egg from being fertilized by a sperm.

That means the cells never merge, and the egg – not fertilized by a sperm – never implants into the uterus, after which a zygote is never created. The un-fertilized egg passes out of the woman’s body during menstruation.

In other words, a fetus is never made, and a baby never developed or born to be able to “kill.”

Get a clue Hawkins! Before you and anti-choice friends make even bigger fools of yourselves on and off of television. Preferably before you get your own kids into trouble by giving them bad, unscientific advice.

Watch the discussion in full here:

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