Wanna Tick Off Trump? Tweet Him Some ‘Tiny Trump’ Photos

Donald Trump–aka the so-called POTUS–is just a bit sensitive when it comes to his looks. He gets very defensive when anyone makes fun of his hair. Even worse is when someone tells him he has tiny hands, which he does.

Perhaps the problem lies in Trump’s belief that the LARGER something is, the better. Witness his fondness for massive skyscrapers with his name attached to them, as if by putting his name on giant erect buildings he can somehow compensate for the fact that…other things are not what they should be, despite what he says.

So if you really want to piss off this shallow little weasel, just make him small. Better yet, make him tiny. For example, in these doctored photos which are showing up all over the internet and have even spawned a new hashtag on Twitter, #TinyTrump:

Wanna really get Little Donnie angry? Tweet a few of these images to him and he’ll lose his feeble little mind. Go on. You know you want to.

h/t The Huffington Post

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