Trump Tried To End A Press Conference Today And Got OWNED By The Japanese PM

After meeting with Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe on Friday, our alleged head of state (3 million votes short) held a press conference with Abe. It was the standard protocol for the post-meeting portion of a state visit, but after about 20 minutes you could just tell “Low Energy” Donnie was ready for it be over with.

Trump tried to wrap the presser up by saying:

“I want to thank everybody in the room. We’re gonna have a tremendous relationship, long-term relationship of mutual benefit with Japan. Thank you all very much.”

But Abe had other ideas, and he urged the con man:

“One more, one more.”

A Japanese journalist then asked the Orange Menace a question and he replied, but again it was clear he wanted to get on Air Force One and head down to Mar-a-Lago on the taxpayer’s dime. The tiny-handed one looked at Abe and announced:

“Mr. Prime Minister, what an honor. What a great honor. And let’s go to Florida!”

The best part of all this is that a man much smaller than Trump (and no doubt to Trump’s feeble mind much less important) managed to control him and make him relent for another question. I call that a moment of perfect zen.

Here’s the video. The portion where Abe asks for one more question occurs at about the 24:40 mark:

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