Trump’s Travel Expenses Are Nearly As Obscene As His Bullsh*t Policies

When he was still just a failing businessman and wannabe real estate tycoon, Donald Trump loved to take cheap shots at President Obama anytime Obama dared to take a few days off. Here’s a couple of the things Trump tweeted back in those days:

All total, during his eight years in the White House, President Obama took 28 vacations for a total of 217 days off, all of which cost the taxpayers $90 million.

But at the clip he’s on, Donald Trump will easily surpass President Obama in 2017 alone!

Since he entered the White House, Trump has spent every weekend at his estate in Florida, Mar-a-Lago. Those three trips to Florida have already cost taxpayers $10 million.

So let’s do some basic math. Let’s say the Orange Menace continues at this pace for the remainder of 2017. He will spend, conservatively, $10 million a month, $120 million a year, for a total of $480 million should he manage to make it through four years in office without being impeached. Nearly half a billion bucks!

As for total vacation days, Cheeto Hitler is well on his way to 400 total days of total vacation time.

Also, when you consider the cost of securing Trump Tower, where Melania and Barron continue to reside, you’re looking at $2 million a day for security on that site alone. So let’s say taxpayers get the bill for at least $700 million a year simply because Trump’s wife and son allegedly refuse to live in close proximity to him.

Yep, the grand total for security and travel for this vagabond bunch of grifters is nearly $1 billion a year. And since Trump probably doesn’t pay a dime in taxes, you and I get to foot the bill for this freeloader.

And lastly, what does Trump do when he goes to Florida for the weekend? He plays golf! And he plays it very badly, or so they say.

Fucking hypocritical fat asshole! He should be impeached just for that!

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