Trump To Cuban: Don’t Take Away My Big Boy Chair! (TWEETS)

Our president continues to tweet his insecurities to the world. While a recent one had us scratching our heads, the timing of a relevant article may hold the key.

President Donald Trump doesn’t know when to keep his mouth shut. He’s like a kid who throws a temper tantrum when he doesn’t get what he wants, if that kid were a 70-year-old man with bad hair and small hands.

According to a recent tweet, he doesn’t think Mark Cuban has what it takes to be president:

It was sent out despite no evidence of Cuban, who is a successful businessman, saying anything about Trump or wanting to be president. When asked on Twitter what had prompted this tweet from Trump, Cuban replied:

Trump has a history of tweeting the moment he sees something he doesn’t like. Yet Cuban hadn’t said a word about him in a while.

The internet went abuzz and discovered what may have ticked Trump off: An article from the New York Post suggesting that Cuban could have a chance at winning the 2020 election.

Twitter responded to the whole situation:

While it hasn’t been confirmed the article instigated Trump, the timeline of events is awfully fishy.

Regardless of Trump’s reason, his obnoxious tweet was a reminder that we’ve elected a man with the temperament of a toddler to run our country. It was the equivalent of a male primate during mating season, who beats his chest and waives his genitals around while seeking a female.

Except it’s not mating season. Not to mention North Korea is testing missiles and this goon, who hasn’t even been in office a full month, isn’t sitting well with his country on a bigly scale:

“President Trump has the highest disapproval rating of any new president ever polled, according to a new survey. A majority of respondents, 53 percent, disapprove of how Trump is handling his job in the CNN/ORC International poll released Friday, while 44 percent approve.”

The majority of Americans aren’t with you, Trump, but you are a public servant now. We are the ones who will decide your fate in four years, not your bruised ego. Man up and do your job, or kindly step down.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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