Trump Supporters Definition Of Extreme Vetting Is Ideological Tests For ‘Thought Crimes’

President Donald Trump talked about a Muslim ban all during his campaign. Of course, now that he’s actually done it, he’s saying it’s not a Muslim ban. One other thing he called for was a process called “extreme vetting” for immigrants.

These people REALLY need to read 1984. As part of this “extreme vetting,” his supporters are calling for an ideological test. Refugees are already put through interviews and security vetting by nine different government agencies. Now, they are adding more to it.

As Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, said:

“It means a kind of ideological screening to keep out people who hate a free society even if they are not violent.”

The test would include questions like:

“Do you think it’s okay to kill apostates?”

“Do you think it’s okay to throw gays off of buildings?”

“Or if Islam’s Prophet Muhammad is insulted, there should be a punishment?”

If the answer to any of these is “yes,” then the refugee would not be allowed to come into the country.

These questions are obviously targeted towards Muslims. This is completely unconstitutional; they are fleeing a country full of hate. Let’s not feed them more hate.

Featured image via Twitter.

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