Trump Killing Palm Beach Businesses By C**k Blocking Customers Each Visit

President Donald Trump is taking a weekend off from ruining the country to go to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. I absolutely refuse to use the other name he’s come up with.

There is one major problem with this arrangement. The Secret Service still has to protect him and his family, which is putting a financial burden on the surrounding community. Jeff Greene, a local hotel owner, said:

“People will just say I’m not going to stay in the Palm Beaches, I don’t need the aggravation. It’s going to grind our economy to a halt.”

“… For people in Palm Beach, it’s exciting having a president here … But you can’t close down our roads, it’s just not right. You can’t close down our town for four years, or eight years.”

Trump’s stay is hurting the local businesses and costing us $3 million.

This is the same asshole who used to complain that President Barack Obama took too many vacations. He once called Obama a “habitual vacationer,” when previous President George W. Bush took twice as many vacation days. This asshole just needs to be impeached. No one wants him anywhere.

Featured image via Twitter.

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