Trump Is Expecting Putin’s Baby!

While couples across the country were torn apart after this past presidential election, one couple in particular came out stronger than ever.

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin is clearly a fan of barebacking, because he’s about to become a father with his one true love. Our very own fascist, President Donald Trump, is pregnant with his baby.

Or so it seemed on Valentine’s Day, when New York City residents were greeted with this image on the sides of buildings:

The image, which was blasted in Chelsea and Brooklyn, was actually an ad for the dating application HaterUnlike other apps that connect you with people who love the same things you do, Hater matches you with people who hate what you do.

A picture of Trump is all it takes to have many people vomiting nowadays, which is why he’s on the front page of their website. Their logo is #LoveThroughHate. After all, everything has a silver lining.

All of that time and effort really paid off, didn’t it you two? Hacking emails, pandering to white trash Americans who also sexualize their daughters, and making them believe it’s better to have a Russian puppet than a woman as president.

Thank you for inviting us to witness your baby grow up, by the way. Unless Trump’s impeached, followed by his entire administration, we’ll see our country go to shit. Which is exactly what you two set out to do.

Regardless of the purpose for this image, though, we wish nothing but the very best for the both of you. Pregnancy is an amazing time and we hope you enjoy every moment. With so many couples struggling with infertility, we know you’ll appreciate the fruits of your labor.

Be sure to register for some baby gifts, too. I’m thinking Vaseline.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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