Trump Has Temper Tantrum On The Press Because They Keep Calling Him On His Bullsh*t (VIDEO)

“President” Donald Trump held a press conference today that was supposed to address his choice for Labor Secretary. What happened instead was yet another example of the utter insane con artist that is currently occupying the White House.

The fiasco started off with the Cheeto-in-chief lying and exaggerating in order to make himself look superior.

Donald is clearly never going to exit campaign mode. He spent the majority of the conference discussing fake news, former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, his electoral votes, and his campaign promises.

He made sure to plug his weird convention scheduled for this weekend in Florida. The lies mounted up despite the journalists’ attempts to call him on them.

He claimed he got the most electoral votes of any president since Ronald Regan.

He said he’s made more progress than any president in history.

He thinks that his approval rating is 55% and rising.

He says his administration is running like a well oiled machine.

He took credit for President Obama’s soaring job numbers.

He claimed the media is to blame for Russia flexing its muscles.

Lies, lies, and more lies. The most deplorable thing that he said was that “his people” (meaning Trump supporters) would not do all of the racist things being reported. He told reporters that liberals or “the other side” is actually drawing swastikas and making threats to mosques in order to make his people look bad.

He would not condemn the acts of domestic terrorism done in his name. His behavior brings to mind a clip from “Family Guy.”

Watch it below:

Featured Image by jfxgillis via Flickr/CC-By-2.0.

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