Transgender GOP Delegate (Yes, Really) Suffering From Major Trumpholm Syndrome

I’ve never met her, but Gina Roberts must be suffering from a severe case of Stockholm syndrome.

Roberts, who is transgender, is not only a GOP delegate (what the fuck, girl?), she also believes that Der Pumpkinführer will be an ally of the LGBTQ community, despite every sign pointing to the opposite (what the actual fucking fuck, girl?!).

Roberts told the Los Angeles Times:

“‘I’ve been using the bathroom for 35 years for the gender I presented, and I’m not exactly a small person who isn’t noticed’ said Roberts, 62. ‘I’ve never had a problem.'”

Oh, so because it’s never been a problem for YOU, it’s not a problem for everyone.

If that’s her mindset, I’m starting to understand the whole Republican thing.

Look, Ms. Roberts – I get that you hate Hillary for stupid reasons and that you think liberals are gonna come take your guns or something, but those are really fucking stupid reasons to get behind a man who hates you (and whose Vice President REALLY loathes you with every fiber of his being).

It’s like that old saying about chicken voting for the Colonel.

They are using you, Ms. Roberts. You are nothing but a token to them. They get to hold you and all your fellow Log Cabin Republicans up and say, “See, we love ‘teh gayz’ and they love us!”

The Times said that:

“Roberts also criticized those who want to ban transgender students from using the bathroom that matches their gender identity, saying it was ignorant to believe they are sexual ‘predators’ who should be feared.”



Featured Image: Image Courtesy Courtesy Gina Roberts Via Gay San Diego.

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