This Precious Child May Wind Up Dying Thanks To Trump’s Muslim Ban

Fatemah Taghizadeh is an innocent, sweet little 4-month-old child who just happens to live in Iran. She was scheduled to come to the United States for life-saving open heart surgery, but thanks to Donald Trump’s recent ban on visitors from certain nations–Iran being one of them–Fatemah might well die.

The little girl’s uncle, Sam Taghizadeh, said the family spent weeks getting everything in place for his niece to get the surgery she needs:

“For getting the visa, they ask for lot of the paperwork. You have to do many things, you know. For three weeks we working for every single thing they wanted. All the paper, everything was ready, and just in the last minute they canceled everything.

“Half an hour, even they took the appointment out. I send an email, I tried calling them, nobody answered. But now she’s stuck.”

Fatemah’s grandparents, it should be noted, are U.S. citizens. But their granddaughter cannot enter the United States for an operation.

Why can’t this little girl have her surgery in Iran? Again her uncle explains:

“Over there it’s a very high risk because that is open heart surgery. It’s like a nightmare. You know, in the one night everything changes. Now you don’t know what you’re going to do.”

Now Sam Taghizadeh says he has lost hope:

“Why we came to U.S., we came here for freedom. For a better life. I’m feeling nowhere is safe.”

I have a question for Donald Trump: How do you sleep at night, you fucking monster?

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