This Breitbart Interview With Sean Spicer Is An Absolute Clusterf*ck

Breitbart and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Seems like a perfect combination, but an interview done by the alt-right (i.e. white supremacist and neo-Nazi) website wound up being monumentally bad.

The interview appeared live on Breitbart’s Facebook page, and it’s a wonder the social media giant didn’t shut the whole thing down after about 10 seconds.

There were awkward silences and bizarre background noises that would have seemed strange even in David Lynch movie. And then there were the camera angles. Dear God! Did the cameraman take two hits of ecstasy right before the interview started? It’s enough to make you wonder if you’re having LSD flashbacks.

Bottom line, the interview is akin to something you might see in a fifth-grade broadcast journalism class. Except the 10-year-olds would have at least had fun with it. This damn thing is just fucking weird!

Watch if you dare:

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