The Sneaky Conniving Way Ivanka Got Tiffany Trump More $$$ For ‘Privileges’

Our President Donald Trump has five children between his three wives. Tiffany Trump seems to be the unpopular one. The two first daughters have a complicated relationship. Ivanka had this to say about it in her book, The Trump Card: Playing To Win in Work and Life:

“Growing up on the West Coast limited Tiffany’s physical access to her father, forcing her on at least one occasion to go through Ivanka for help. In the book The Trump Card: Playing to Win in Work and Life (per Vanity Fair), Ivanka recalls a time when Tiffany went to Ivanka for advice on how to ask their father for a paternal credit card. All she wanted, really, was a way to enjoy some of the privileges her friends got to enjoy, in the same way she would have enjoyed them if she’d lived under our father’s roof.”

“In the end, Ivanka says she used her own influence on her father to push the request through. “Big Sis did an end-around to save Tiffany the trouble. I didn’t tell her, of course, but I went to our father and suggested he think about surprising Tiffany with a credit card for Christmas, with a small monthly allowance on it. Sure enough, he did just that. Tiffany was thrilled and relieved. And so appreciative.”

Featured image via Twitter.

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