Suck It, Human Breeders! My Dog IS My Baby!

Okay, parents. It’s time to drop the entitlement. Not everyone wants children during their lives. Some people have a different idea of what a family is.

I don’t need to have a child to start my “family.” My pets ARE my family members. My family and I take care of our dogs during their entire lives. We love them. They love us.

If you want kids, that’s great. Just don’t tell me what my family should be.

A blog called YourTango, published an article called, “Saying Your Dog Is Your ‘Baby’ Is an Insult to Moms Everywhere.” If you don’t want to call your dog a baby, that’s fine. Me calling my dog a baby is not an insult. It’s my dog, and my family.

The article said in part:

“Think about when you got your puppy. You probably picked him out at the local ASPCA, or selected him from the local breeder. Basically, you pointed to a dog and said, ‘That one.'”

“On the other hand, most mothers went through nine months of body invasion, followed by one of the most intense physical experiences of her life. Then they dropped a baby on her chest. It was all agony and joy and angels singing.”

“And even if you adopt, you go through paperwork and waiting hell before you find yourself weak in the knees, hands atremble, as you weep with joy when someone hands you your child for the first time.”

“Getting a dog just doesn’t stack up.”

 Yes, I didn’t push my dog out of my vagina, but they are still my family members.

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