Stephen Miller Puts The ‘ick’ In D*ck (VIDEO)

I used to think that there is no possible way this administration could get any more deplorable. The very pale silver lining at this point is that we have met the lowest of the low and we know all about them. They are vile and they are swarming our White House.

We took a few “Crying Game” showers to get the stench of Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions off of us and we marched on.

We cringed at the sight of Kellyanne Conway on our screens, but also got to watch with glee as she hung herself politically on national television. These people are wretched without question, but we learned to live with them without the night terrors.

Enter Stephen Miller.

No one likes this Peewee Herman wannabe…except Agent Orange. Those who know Miller consider him a bit of a joke. He’s the epitome of Right Wing Extremism. Previous colleagues were mentally drained on a daily basis working with him. New York Times reported on his unlikely rise to a prominent White House position.

Miller made his shining debut on national television by telling the country that daddy knows best and will not be questioned. Sorry, Stephen.

You have us confused with you and the other Trumpford wives.

Watch the insanity below:

Featured Photo: Screen Shot Via You Tube.

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