Stephen Colbert Says Trump Acts Like A Little Girl, Then Hilariously Proves It

Friday evening on his show, Stephen Colbert said it had been a tough week for White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Most notably, Colbert reminded us, Spicer was imitated on Saturday Night Live by a female actor, Melissa McCarthy. And reports are that the alleged president was especially upset by the fact that a female had portrayed Spicer.

But then Colbert hit Trump where it hurts most, saying:

“If the president thinks a woman portraying Sean Spicer makes him look weak, then he’s really not going to like this picture we made of a little girl pretending to be Donald Trump. And he’s especially not going to like it when you retweet it at him with the hashtag #LargerHands.”

And just like that, not only was a new hashtag born, but so was an image you’ll be hard pressed getting out of you mind for quite a while.

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