Snowflake B*tch A** Republican Rep. Says He’ll Cancel Town Hall If Protesters Show Up

Rep.Tom Emmer (R-Minn) says he won’t tolerate protesters at an upcoming town hall meeting scheduled for Wednesday night in his home state. His chief of staff explained the congressman’s new “policy.”

“Should this event turn into a disruptive display, or if there are any violent actions or threats, we will end the meeting and be forced to reassess our policy on town halls going forward,” David FitzSimmons wrote in a statement. Among the behavior Fitzsimmons said qualified as ‘disruptive’ were ‘shouting’ and ‘chanting.’”

It looks like more Republican snowflakes are melting under the heat of their constituents, and just think, the oven’s still only pre-heating! And just to think, they have President Donald Trump to think for all the extra “loving” attention they’re receiving from their constituents. Lucky them.

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