Sean Hannity’s ‘Question Of The Day’ Didn’t Quite Turn Out As He Expected

Sean Hannity is an insufferable jackass of a person, and he proves that time and time again on his pathetic Fox News show which bears his name.

One of the segments on Hannity’s nightly borefest is when he asks a question of his viewers and they respond via social media. Here’s a slightly fake approximation:

Question of the Day: Is Sean Hannity a dillhole who needs to be taken to the deepest part of the Mojave desert and abandoned?

That’s an easy one. The answer is yes, and do you need anyone to drive the car?

Here’s the question Hannity asked on Tuesday evening:

Of course, the usual brain-dead zombie Trumpkins agreed with Hannity, but there was lots of this, too:

Sean got a lot more than he asked for with that question. Kinda like Trump when he decided to play footsie with Putin.

Just imagine how Hannity is gonna weep when his hero is impeached and tossed in jail. Maybe he can join him there.

Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab

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