Prepare Yourself: This Could Well Be The Most Sexist Segment To Ever Appear On Fox News

The dimwitted Neanderthals at Fox News would love to return to the “good old days.” Their definition of when this country was “great” is the 1940s and 50s, when African-Americans had no rights, no one was openly LGBT, and women were expected to be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen.

So it seems only fitting that a segment which aired Thursday on Fox featured writer Suzanne Venker, who also happens to be the daughter of the late ultra right-wing fascist gasbag Phyllis Schlafly, to discuss why men should always take control in a relationship:

“In that natural state, a woman is much more receptive to your energy. And I think that’s what happens over time after you’ve been married a really long time — especially once kids come into the picture — is women get into this mode of sort of micromanaging everything.

“And that’s all fine but if they don’t switch over into ‘wife mode,’ kind of back where they were when you started, I think the relationship begins to deteriorate.”

Wife mode? Is that anything like property/chattel/slave mode, Suzanne? Are women supposed to know their place and not speak out?

This prompted the ever-moronic Fox host Steve Doocy to speculate:

“So the beta becomes an alpha, and then the man becomes confused, and maybe she should be the beta?”

Venker agreed, saying:

“And if you are bringing the alpha energy to the table, and he’s an alpha by nature because he’s got all the testosterone, you’re going to be like two bulls in a china shop, right? And then if you want him to be the more feminine person in the relationship, I guess you could do that, but that usually doesn’t work for most people because women are naturally feminine.”

What the fuck?!

On second thought, the Fox News asshats would probably like to return to 1740.

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