Meet The Innocent Man Mike Pence Refused To Pardon When He Was Governor Of Indiana

Thursday morning, Keith Cooper got the news he had been waiting to hear for 20 years. It came from Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb:

In 1997, Cooper’s life changed forever when he was charged with snatching a woman’s purse in Elkhart, Indiana. He was later charged with armed robbery at another location. He was sentenced to ten years in prison even though he vowed he had not committed the crimes.

His conviction was later overturned on appeal, but there was a condition: Cooper could be released immediately but would have a felony on his record, or he could face a new trial. Cooper chose to be released immediately, so the felony remained on his record.

Cooper wanted his record cleared, so he wrote then-Governor Mike Pence, the current Vice President. The Indiana Parole Board also wrote Pence urging the pardon, but the heartless Pence said no.

What does this tell us about Mike Pence? Well, in part it suggests that Pence is a fake Christian who doesn’t actually believe in forgiveness or redemption. He’s a soulless sack of shit who thinks he’s perfect and anyone who doesn’t measure up to this standards deserves no mercy.

But perhaps the most damning words for Pence come from Cooper himself. He recalls the years he spent in prison for a crime he didn’t commit:

“I was watching my children grow up through pictures. And that’s the hardest thing I couldn’t swallow.”

Do you hear that, Vice President Pence? Or are you too wrapped in your cocoon of sanctimony to hear anything other than your own hollow voice?

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