Maher Likens Memories Of Kellyanne Dispute To Sh*t You’d Rather Forget (VIDEO)

Bill Maher has made no secret of the disdain he has towards President Donald Trump. They have a history. Trump sued Maher and was laughed out of court.

Maher has not wavered since Trump “won” the election. He doesn’t scare easily and he has thick enough skin to take any opposition. One need only look at his guests on Real Time with Bill Maher to understand his open door policy to polar opposite views.

Kellyanne Conway is the polar opposite of Maher.

The relationship between Maher and Conway was best described by Claire Williams of NICKI SWIFT:

As we mentioned previously, Conway has long been a familiar face on political and news programs as a panelist. It might surprise you to learn that during the ’90s, Conway frequently appeared on the Comedy Central talk show Politically Incorrect, hosted by comedian—and staunch Democrat—Bill Maher. While the two still appear to be friendly on the surface, the truth is a bit more complicated. Conway left Politically Incorrect after she reportedly got tired of Maher’s critical comments about Catholicism. But when The New Yorker asked Maher about it, he couldn’t recall the disagreement. ‘I’ve blocked it out, like an uncle who molested me,’ he claimed. He went on to say that Conway and the rest of Trump’s team deserve ‘a Nobel Prize in hypocrisy.’”

Bill Maher has faced criticism in the past and he will again. He does not care who disagrees with him. He’s even confronted his fellow liberals on things he sees as getting in our own way. He tells it how he sees it and lets the chips fall as they will.

Watch Bill Maher’s take on religion below:

Featured Image By Philip Cohen Via Flickr/CC By-NC 2.0.

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