A Few Words To A**wipe Trump On The Death Of Chief ‘Ryan’ Owen (TWEET)

Mr. Trump,

I just read about you passing the buck again and I can’t stand still and watch your blatant disregard for human life and your failure to accept responsibility for YOUR actions without saying anything.

I served for 21 years in the U.S. Navy – and if I was still an active duty member I would be resigning right now. I am a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I served under four different presidents. You are the most inept and incompetent Commander in Chief this country has EVER had.

When our soldiers and sailors follow YOUR orders and go on a mission ORDERED BY YOU, their deaths are on YOUR HANDS. Period. The buck stops with you fuckwad. YOU are the Commander in Chief. The big boss. You sought and fought to gain the position – now you want to lay the blame for your actions on the people under you? The business world may work like that, but here in real life things are a little different.

You want respect? Earn it bastard. Because right now I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with you.

President Barack Obama explored the feasibility of the very mission of death you initiated and determined that there was not enough credible intelligence to warrant the risk to our soldiers. In your hellbent assholery, you decided to show that stupid black guy how it’s done. You IGNORED the intelligence briefings. You IGNORED the risks to our soldiers. You just ordered it to put a notch in your belt.

Yay you! Your first notch – THE DEATH OF ONE OF THE MEN UNDER YOUR COMMAND. Tell me… did your illustrious few years as a dumbass cadet on a flowery little toy soldier field at military school prepare you to lead the greatest military force on the planet? The answer is simple – NO.

Chief Ryan’s father was disgusted that you showed up to invade the very private return of his son’s body to U.S. soil. You send a man to his death on an ill-advised mission, then you show up and use his dead body as a fucking PHOTO OP to make yourself look like the hero in all this?

You SUCK. And the death of Chief Special Warfare Operator William “Ryan” Owens is squarely on YOUR shoulders. It is NOT President Obama’s fault – he listened to the intelligence briefings and wisely held off on ordering that mission of death. It is NOT the fault of the SEAL Team – they were just following YOUR orders. This is all ON YOU.

Accept responsibility for YOUR actions – that is part of this thing we call ‘Adulting.’ Children blame others – ‘Ida Know’ and ‘Wasn’t Me’ are very popular imaginary trouble-makers for children. YOU have no excuse. Grow the fuck up and act like an ADULT.

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