Kellyanne Conway: ‘I’m A Man By Day’

Kellyanne Conway might be the first female Republican presidential campaign manager, but she thinks it’s time women stop hating men.

Apparently that’s all the feminist movement is about.

Feminists believe that women are equal to men and acknowledge their oppression since, oh, the beginning of time. We also believe that women should be afforded the same opportunities as men, and for the same rate of pay.

Which is something that’s rarely done.

So when we see a woman like Conway have a successful career, despite being a Republican, we still view it as a win for feminism. We may not believe her loony ‘alternative facts’ or the Bowling Green Massacre lie, but she’s still doing a job typically done by men.

Conway shrugs off that way of thinking.

She once told the New Yorker that she didn’t succeed because she’s a woman who knows what she’s doing. She succeeds because she doesn’t act like a woman at all.

She said:

“I tell people all the time, ‘don’t be fooled, because i am a man by day.'”

So to have a successful career, women have to transform their vaginas into a penis. Everything about a woman is too weak and feeble to do a ‘man’s’ job. Duly noted.

It’s hard to imagine a woman saying this, but Conway once said that feminism is full of “doom and gloom.” Of course, she was in a room full of women who don’t understand why women can’t just sit down and shut up.

In her speech at the 2011 Conservative Women’s Network, she added to that by saying:

“revulsion towards men in your life…is part and parcel of the feminist movement.”

No, Conway. Feminists don’t hate all men. We do, however, hate men who believe they can grope our genitals without our consent, say that women must be treated like shit, and sexualize their own daughters.

A true feminist would never help such a man rise to power, so I guess we can’t be that surprised at your misogynistic views.

She did give some advice to any women looking to have a successful business career in that same speech:

“if women want to be taken seriously in the workforce, looking feminine is a good place to start.”

You heard her, ladies. Forget about working hard and getting an education. All you need is makeup and clothes that scream, “I have a vagina!” Just don’t act as though you have one during regular business hours.

Here’s the full video of her speech at the 2011 Conservative Women’s Network. Viewer discretion is advised.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter

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