Karmic BOOM! Neo-Nazi Handing Out Racist Flyers Gets Punched In The Face

An avowed white nationalist was handing out racist, anti-Semitic literature on the campus of California Polytechnic State University when a student decided he’d had quite enough of the hateful display and proceeded to punch the willfully ignorant neo-Nazi right in his fat face.

Campus police arrived at the scene of the incident and spoke to the man. They found no laws had been broken and allowed the racist asshat to continue handing out flyers which advertised the American Nazi Party and featured a swastika, which was labeled as a “symbol of white power.”

The douchebag who was punched, however, probably wasn’t feeling very powerful when it got smacked upside his empty head.

The neo-Nazi fuckwad declined to press charges against the man who punched him and was seen later that same day passing out his propaganda on the campus, which is located in San Luis Obispo.

Earlier this year, Breitbart news editor and pedophilia apologist Milo Yiannopoulos spoke at California Polytechnic State University. Those opposed to his being allowed on the campus burned Nazi flags in protest.

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