Justin Trudeau Gives Us A Clinic On How To Shake Hands With A Man You Despise

As with nearly everything he does, Donald Trump manages to screw up even a simple handshake. He’s fond of taking the other person’s hand and giving it a bizarre, herky-jerky motion, kind of like he’s hoping to rip the other man’s arm off. Clearly, it’s done to intimidate the other person and make them look weak, which is what insecure, dickless wimps are fond of doing as a way to mask their own impotence.

But when the Orange Menace met Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday, Trudeau gave all of us some superb pointers on how you shake the hand of a man who is attempting to show you up.

In the video below, note that Trudeau quickly grabs the fake president’s shoulder, as if he’s bracing himself for the “pull in” Trump likes to use on the unsuspecting. Then the Canadian head of state brings the handshake closer and somewhat toward his center, which minimizes Trump’s leverage and guarantees that his shoulder remains perfectly intact.

What Trudeau did was textbook bullyproofing, and it worked perfectly. He essentially told the whiny so-called president with the baby hands:

Not today, douchebag! Today you get schooled by a fucking Canadian who could kick your ass with one hand tied behind his back. So suck on that, Cheeto Face!

Here, check it out:

h/t The Huffington Post

Featured Image Via ABC News

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