JUST IN: Trump Had White House Recording Equipment Disabled During Putin Call (TWEETS)

You’d think that President Donald Trump would man up and admit to having a personal relationship with Russia. He can cry ‘lies’ all he wants, but he’s even gone on record as saying yes, he knows Vladimir Putin.

Which is what makes the following all the more disturbing.

Trump phoned Putin on January 28, all from the comfort of his big boy desk in the Oval Office. There are a number of issues they could have covered: how he made it easier for the Russians to spy on us; how his inauguration was the biggest event in history, despite photos that show otherwise; or denying reports that he’s Steve Bannon’s little bitch.

We’ll never know what was discussed, though.

That’s right, ladies and gentleman. Trump pulled the plug on the recorder before calling his owner. I mean Putin. And of course the Kremlin readout is positive. They’re not about to attack their own puppet.

While Russia kissed Trump’s ass for ten long, painful paragraphs, the White House released just one. They claimed the hour-long phone call was merely a

“…Congratulatory call from Russia President Vladimir Putin.”

It’s hard to imagine a congratulatory call lasting a full hour, unless there was other business that needed to be discussed. Like how quickly Trump could stop tweeting and help make Russia great again.

Or maybe he just wanted to invite Putin to his encore presentation of Finding Dory. 

Instead of merely claiming to not be Putin’s bitch, Trump could have recorded the call and set the record straight. Actions speak louder than words. Talk to Putin, fascist to fascist, with the cameras rolling.

Then again, perhaps we’ve been wrong this whole time. Maybe his undisclosed relationship with Russia just consists of alternative facts.

Time to stock up on some Vaseline, folks.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter.

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