Biden’s Daughter Reminds Ivanka That She’s Nothing More Than A Spoiled B*tch

While Ivanka Trump uses her daddy’s new appointment as president to try and drum up business for her line of clothing and accessories that are both ethically questionable, and not U.S. created, Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley steps in and shows her how it’s really done.

Ashley Biden has, like her father, dedicated her life to public service having spent her career helping others as a social worker and executive director of Delaware Center For Justice.

Now, in an attempt to reach out to the communities she loves Ashley has created a line of hoodies that are one hundred percent charity driven. Livelihood is an ethically-produced, socially-minded brand of clothing that is exclusively sold on Gilt. Ms. Biden stated:

The phrase on the back of the neck line is ‘Keep Your Hood Up.’ It’s a reminder, even when life is tough, to keep your neighborhood up in prosperity and focus on positive outreach in your community.

Take a sneak peak at the Gilt x @Livelihood2017 Collection launching tomorrow, Feb. 8th. With each hoodie purchase, two communities (starting with Wilmington, DE – Aubrey Plaza & Ashley Biden’s hometown – and Anacostia, D.C.) will receive funding for programs like education initiatives, vocational training, and job placement services. All in a day’s work at @Livelihood2017. #GetInvolvedInYourHood #LinkInBio to shop for a good cause

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Every cent of the proceeds will be donated to both Anacostia, DC and Wilmington, Delaware public programs that the community thinks are the most beneficial to it’s residents. Biden talked about her wishes for the project saying:

I want a janitor, a school teacher, the local pastor, whomever is involved in the community to sit at the table and to pick the projects for economic development.

So while Ivanka cries to her daddy, who ultimately cries to Twitter and has his watch dog, Conway, peddle her merchandise on the news, Ashley Biden is creating a line of clothing fit for everyone that ultimately will bring “education, community centers, literacy programs, tutoring, or workforce development,” back to the communities right here in our own country.

Sooo Ivanka, you can suck it….and your clothes suck too.

Featured image via Brett Marty/Daily Kos.


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