Islamophobic A$$wipe Verbally Assaults Muslim Woman – Blames Her For HIS Racism (TWEETS/VIDEO)

A white man snapped a picture of a Muslim woman in a coffee shop, then patronized her for calling him out on it. Welcome to Trump’s America.

Our country was full of racists and sexists long before Donald Trump became president. He’s merely normalized and encouraged that type of ignorant, cowardly behavior towards people who aren’t white “Christian” men.

Real Christians don’t attack Muslims or view women as being subservient.

Asma Elhuni is a Muslim woman who just wanted to visit a coffee shop. While waiting in line, a white man ahead of her took out his phone and snapped her picture.

So she whipped out her own phone, started recording and said:

“hi rob.”

While it’s unclear how she knew his name at the time, she apparently found him online at some point and later posted this to her Twitter:

Rob is then seen nervously scrolling through his phone while shrugging the whole ordeal off. Since an innocent person has no reason to appear nervous, she says:

“you like taking pictures of muslim women?”

At this moment, Rob probably suspects that he’ll become the next crazy Trumpkin to have his face spewed all across the internet. He’s what we call a closeted racist. They’re different from the ones we see in trucks covered in Confederate Flag bumper stickers.

Closeted racists know their opinions can jeopardize their career, which is usually at the top of the corporate ladder. That twitpic screams ‘white collar,’ not an inbred hillbilly who’s just excited to have a president who also sexualizes his daughter.

Instead of walking away and tweeting that he’d encountered a crazy liberal, Rob faces the camera. He then proceeds to mutter a few statements that suggest she’s being uptight, then sits down right across from her.

That’s when he makes the smooth transition from racist to creepy misogynist, which is a common phenomenon among Trumpkins. They don’t have a problem wearing both hats at the same time.

Rob proceeds to have a temper tantrum and weaves a web of lies. He claims that he was taking someone else’s picture, not hers.

He then added:

“and then you started acting like a bitch.”

In addition to being a white collar, closeted racist, Rob is the perfect example of a man-child: a boy who goes through puberty but doesn’t really grow up. He was just having a good time when the bad lady caught his immature behavior.

Trump is another good example of a man-child.

Anyone who snaps photos of other people in public suffers from low self-esteem and is the true definition of an asshole. Rob comes across as a pompous, arrogant, poor excuse for a man who can’t just get his coffee and leave. His white supremacist and sexist attitude suggests he’s lacking in other areas, too.

Just like our Misogynist in Chief.

You see, a real man is a gentleman. He doesn’t whip out his phone and snap a strangers’ picture because they’re not white. If he’s going to go this route, then he needs to take pictures of white men in public places.

He can start with himself.

Be sure to watch the video of the encounter here:

Feature Image: Screenshot Via Twitter

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