Is Fundies’ God About To Strike Down Ark Encounter After Grant Strangles Taxpayers? (VIDEO)

A couple of years ago, Creationist idiot extraordinaire Ken Ham created a life-size “Noah’s Ark” museum, the Ark Encounter, in Kentucky. This is the same idiot who founded the Creation Museum there as well.

Ham seems to think it has been a success; however, the surrounding Grant County is saying that the museum is not bringing in the money that they thought it would.

Grant County Judge-Executive Steve Wood said:

“It’s been a great thing but it’s not brought us any money.”

“I was one of those believers that once the Ark was here everything was going to come in. But it’s not done it. It’s not done it. I think the Ark’s done well and I’m glad for them on that. But it’s not done us good at all.”

The county made the stupidly unconstitutional choice of giving the museum a $74 million land grant.

Ham said this about it:

“This is a significant exhibit. 2,500 square feet. 11 scenes. It’s really unique because it’s done as a graphic novel approach to presenting the message of Christianity.”

Here is Bill Nye touring the Ark and tearing Ham a new one:

Featured image via Twitter.

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