Here’s What Your State Has Been Googling Since Trump Took Office — Sad!

There are very few things that are more revealing about who we are as people (or as “a people” or “a state”) than Google.

When Google data is applied to a collective body of people, it becomes even more revealing. Here’s what people in every state were Googling in 2016.

what-do-people google
Screengrab via Estately

As you can see, it already wasn’t just coming up roses, but there was a lot of positive Googling going on in 2016. We were mourning and fallen musicians and some heroes, for example, and yes, some political stuff, but nothing terrifying. You can view the entire list on Estately.

Enter Pres. Donald Trump (oh how it kills a piece of my soul to type that phrase….). Let’s have a look at what people are googling since Donald Trump became president of the United States. It ain’t pretty.

what-do-people google- 2
Screengrab via Estately

Yeah, we’ve pretty much gone full nutjob and terrifying. Trump’s turning us into a nation of paranoid people. Seriously the only positive things on this list is “Can Obama run again?” and “Protest sign ideas.”

Alabama’s “who is Frederick Douglass” is tragic. Tragic.

And Iowa, you fucking perverts. Why are you Googing Russian prostitutes?

Fuck you, Trump. Fuck you for what you’re doing to us.

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