Hannity Shares Fake News, Throws A Fit When Twitter Calls Bulls**t

Sean Hannity is NOT happy.

Which, of course, means I’m having a good day.

You see, notorious Trump lapdog Sean Hannity decided to share something on Twitter from a source that is well-known for its fake news, and he was called on it. And he did not like that at all.

Hannity’s since-deleted tweet linked to a story from the Gateway Pundit — a site that spreads lies like a cheap hooker spreads herpes (and yet gets a seat in White House briefings because, Trump) — and the people of Twitter were quick to point it out.

That’s Alex Griswold of Mediaite calling Hannity out for sharing the Gateway Pundit story.

When Hannity (or more likely his “people”) realized that the story was fake, he deleted the tweet. Yes, because that erases it forever, Sean. It’s like you don’t even internet, dude.

It gets better, though – poor widdle Hannity had a hissy fit after he was called on it.

Yea, no dice there, Sean.

That’s basically what the president has said when people call him out for sharing false things on Twitter. Back in 2015, Bill O’Reilly asked Trump about a racist retweet he sent out, and he said:

“Am I gonna check every statistic?”

Um, yes. Yes, you should.

You see, the POTUS is calling just about every major news outlet under the sun — EXCEPT Hannity’s Fox News, which he’s gone out of his way to praise because they kiss his ass — “fake news.” And here we have a high-status name on that network tweeting fake news. And it’s not the first time Hannity has been snowed by Gateway Pundit.

Hannity and his ilk have a responsibility to make sure that the things they send out are the truth, not just words that further their agenda. But they don’t live up to that responsibility.

And yet, sites like Mean Left Hook get panned as “fake news” simply because we’re biased. Yes, we are, and we have never pretended for a hot second to be neutral. But every article on this site, with the exception of the rare editorial here and there, is sourced to a major media outlet. We don’t just pick up a story on another liberal blog and run with it. We dig.

So keep whining, Sean. The internet will keep finding these things. And we will all keep calling you on them.

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video

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