GOP Doesn’t Give Two Sh*ts About Voter Fraud And Made The Machines Vulnerable

During the entire election, President Donald Trump kept complaining that the election would be rigged. He made it sound like there is rampant voter fraud going on when there is not.

The House Administration Committee sneakily voted 6-3 to get rid of the Election Assistance Commission, which helps make sure voting machines can’t get hacked.

Committee chair Gregg Harper (R-MS) said:

“It is my firm belief that the EAC has outlived its usefulness and purpose.”\

The Brennan Center For Justice said:

“The EAC is the only federal agency which has as its central mission the improvement of election administration, and it undertakes essential activities that no other institution is equipped to address.”

If Trump is so convinced that the elections are being rigged and voter fraud is rampant, why would the Republicans want to eliminate the agency? Maybe the Republicans doth protest too much?

This happened under our noses while we were fussing about Betsy DeVos getting Secretary of Education. With all of the rumors about Russia hacking the election, we don’t need to be eliminating the agency that is supposed to help with that.

Featured image via Twitter.

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