GOP Congressional Candidate Caught In Blackface, Refuses To Apologize

Robbie Gatti is currently the front-runner in the GOP bid to be the next member of Congress from the 8th District of Louisiana. He’s also a racist piece of rancid human excrement who thinks it’s funny as hell to wear blackface and then tell everyone to fuck off if they’re offended.

A photo was published of Gatti wearing blackface and pretending to be Tiger Woods as part of a Halloween costume. Gatti did this while he was serving as an associate pastor at First Baptist Church in Bossier City.

When the old photo came to light, rather than apologize, Gatti took to Facebook and like a true dickhead wrote this:

“15 years ago, my church held a fall festival, where all the volunteers were told to dress as a famous person. Tiger Woods was at the height of his popularity, as a world champion, and that was who I was dressed as.

“Shortly after this event, I was ordained into the church. As a medical professional, ordained minister and military officer, I live my life seeing only character and I stand by that.”

Notice how Gatti is sure to mention “medical professional, ordained minister, and military officer” in his non-apology? As if that’s supposed to excuse his being a racist fuckwad with a warped sense of right and wrong.

Gatti also wrote this:

“I’m sad that my opponents have taken a good night at church and turned it into negative, political mud, but I’m confident the voters of Bossier will not fall for their desperate attacks.”

No, you’re only sad you got caught. And the only thing any of us can be confident of regarding Robbie Gatti is that he’s a disgusting excuse of a human being who deserves to be abandoned in a gator-infested section of the bayou.

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