Flashback Tuesday: Do You Remember What Michael Flynn Said At The GOP Convention?

Michael Flynn, the disgraced former National Security Adviser and longtime friend of Vladimir Putin, played a prominent role at the 2016 GOP convention. Do you still remember?

Yes, at the convention, Flynn led fiery chants of “lock her up, lock her up,” and the braindead Republicans in the convention hall followed along like good little lemmings, going on for several minutes as they vented their hatred for Hillary Clinton.

But time has a funny way of circling back around to bite a smartass right on his own butt, the way it did Flynn, who had to resign under a cloud of controversy and talk of violating the Logan Act for talking to the Russian ambassador prior to Trump taking office, and then lying about ever having done so.

Far be it from me to pile on at this time of great personal and professional crisis for Flynn. Instead, I’d just like to remind him that it’s called karma, and it’s pronounced thusly:


Here’s Mikey making a total asshat of himself in 2016:

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