First Rule Of Fascism – Keep The People In Fear

This powerful video talks about the psychology behind the right-wing extremists.

Fear is a powerful tool that can make us do and say crazy things. Fox News and other conservative outlets use scare tactics and fear-mongering to convince their viewers that they should be frightened.

They convince the viewers that the country is in crisis, and they say that all liberal outlets are “fake news” and untrustworthy.

The Republicans have been moving further and further toward the right. Now, we have a president who uses these tactics. He declares any outlet he doesn’t like to be “fake news.” He tells them that he is the only one they can trust.

He totally appealed to these viewers on his campaign. These right-wingers eat his crap up.

As Alternet put it:

“Fear works because it appeals to our basic animal instinct to stay safe, and it makes the simplest, inane and most downright evil solutions sound smart.”

It appeals to their survival instincts. It also depends on how you were raised. No matter what the cause of it is, it is obvious that Republicans are motivated by the scare tactics and fear-mongering that the Conservative media is spoon-feeding them.

Featured image via Twitter.

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