First Act By New Secretary Of Education? Shutting Down Website For Disabled Students

Well, those of us who knew Betsy DeVos would be a disaster as Secretary of Education didn’t have to wait long for her to prove our point.

First on the DeVos chopping block: The resource website for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), which has suddenly vanished from the face of the internet.

The IDEA website was set up during George W. Bush administration so that, according to its implementation charter:

“Educators, advocates and parents could get a ‘one-stop’ explanation on the federal Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), as well as know their rights under the disability law.”

But hey, under Trump and DeVos, kids with disabilities can just go screw themselves. After all, the so-called president once made fun of a disabled reporter and then denied he did it even though there’s video evidence.

Washington Democratic Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray are demanding to know exactly why the website has been disappeared, and they have let the Department of Education know, issuing a press release which states:

“The Department’s failure to keep this critical resource operational makes it harder for parents, educators, and administrators to find the resources they need to implement this federal law and protect the rights of children with disabilities.”

Maybe DeVos can take a page from the Cheeto Hitler’s playbook and insult a few disabled kids while she’s at it. Hell, she’s already well on her way to destroying public education in this country.

And for Mrs. DeVos, we have this message from all of us who have children in public schools:


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