Finally A Law That Takes A Bite Outta D*ckheads Who Commit Crimes Against Animals

A state legislator in New York has proposed a new law to make it a felony to harm a companion animal during the commission of a crime. It would lead to a $5,000 fine and two years in jail; this would be one of the toughest animal cruelty laws in the nation.

A study by the Animal Legal Defense Fund found that New York is in the bottom-tier as far as animal cruelty laws are concerned.

Stephen Wells, Executive Director of the Animal Legal Defense Fund said:

“Protective orders are crucial for removing both human and animal victims from the cycle of domestic violence, because human victims are often afraid to leave their pets behind. We applaud those states that recognize the clear Link between violence towards humans and animals by allowing judges to include animals in domestic violence protective orders—and we hope other states continue to follow suit.”

Many states are doing well in making and enforcing strict animal cruelty laws; we should strive to make that true for all 50 states.

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