F*ck Russian Hacking, Chaffetz Investigates REAL THREAT To America’s National Security

Chair of the House Oversight Committee, Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) feels that investigate the Russian hacks that compromised the most important U.S election in a generation, should take the back burner to a more pressing concern.

Overturning President Barrack Obama’s decision to create a national monument in Utah called Bear Ears and punishing another national park for tweeting their support of his decision.

Chaffetz, claims that this seemingly innocent tweet from Bryce Canyon National Park carries much more sinister undertones.

“The White House is telling the governor as well as the congressional offices that no decisions had been made — that it was still an open question — so how is it [Bryce Canyon National Park officials] were already ready to go with that information?” Chaffetz asked Tuesday. “The timing is serious.”


“Maybe they were just hopeful,” Chaffetz said, “but they regularly complain about lack of resources and more money for maintenance budgets and this is a small item but I want to know if there was communication and were they being truthful with the governor and the delegation.”

You can read more on the story here.

Conflicts of interest? Russian Hacking? Trump’s affiliations with the Russian government? Fuck that shit, let’s get to the bottom of these so-called “Bear Ears” Shannanagins!

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