Every Liberal And Progressive Needs To Hear What Elizabeth Warren Said Saturday

The Congressional Progressive Caucus held their retreat in Baltimore on Saturday, and don’t be surprised if the speech Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren gave is one day seen as the day she informally announced both her candidacy for the 2020 Democratic nomination and the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.

Warren began by telling the audience some painful facts:

“Our moment of crisis didn’t begin with the election of Donald Trump. We were already in crisis. We were already in crisis because for years and years and years, Washington has worked just great for the rich and the powerful, but far too often, it hasn’t worked for anyone else.”

“People don’t just wake up one day and elect leaders like Donald Trump because ‘hey, everything is awesome, but what the hell, let’s roll the dice and make life interesting.'”

Warren then said the time has arrived for progressives to fight Trump every step of the way:

“We are not the minority party. We are the opposition party, and we need to talk about the key difference between us and them every day.”

“We will resist every single effort to make America into a small and spiteful place. We will resist every injustice. We will resist every effort to divide us. We will resist every effort to disgrace our Constitution. We will resist every single step toward the takeover of our government by billionaires, bankers and bigots.”

Liberals and progressives, we have been given our marching orders! We can and we will defeat Trump and the GOP. And we will make them the permanent minority party in this country for generations to come.

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