Deranged Professor Says U.S. Needs More Nukes: We Have ‘Nowhere Near The Ability To Destroy The World’

Matthew Crane is a professor at Georgetown University, and from the things he said Sunday morning on MSNBC, he should probably just go ahead and change his name to Dr. Strangelove.

Crane told host Alex Witt that the United States currently has a severe gap in nuclear weapons when compared to Russia:

“You know, the United States has a robust nuclear arsenal, but one of the things that’s concerning is that Russia in recent years has been relying more, not less, on nuclear weapons. It’s violating the Intermediate Range Nuclear Forces Treaty — a treaty that’s been in place since 1987.

“Russia is in violation of that, building new nuclear weapons and also, Russia has this ‘escalate to de-escalate nuclear strategy,’ basically that they’ll use nuclear weapons early in a conflict to deter the United States and others in Europe from getting involved and giving them the ability to coerce our NATO allies in Eastern Europe. So the idea would be to develop nuclear capabilities that would allow us to counter these new Russian nuclear threats.”

Then Professor Crane got downright macabre, telling Witt:

“Nobody should downplay the devastation from a nuclear exchange — they’re the most powerful weapons on Earth — but nowhere near the ability to destroy the world many times over. And if Russia is going to have more, then we need more to protect ourselves and our allies.”

So we have to be able to destroy the world many times over or it doesn’t count?! Holy shit! One nuclear weapon is quite enough, let alone the thousands the U.S. and Russia possess. It doesn’t seem necessary to start up a new nuclear arms race. But if that’s what Putin wants, then no doubt our impostor POTUS will crank up the engines of death and pump out lots of nukes for his boyfriend back at the Kremlin.

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