Delusional Faux News F*ckwads Whine That Dems Should Apologize For ‘Being Cruel’

The Fox News show, “Fox and Friends,” just went full stupid today. They said that Democrats should apologize to conservatives to “unite America.”

They had a therapist, Tom Kersting, come on the show to address the topic. He said:

“‘I’m sorry’ might be the two most difficult words in the English language for people to say. It’s so critical, as a human being, to take ownership for the things we’ve done to other people.”

What. The. Fuck. They want us to apologize?!

That should be the other way around. Why don’t Republicans apologize to us for subjecting us to this idiot? This pussy-grabbing, racist, sexist idiot is not fit to be President.

How about they apologize to the people who are panicking about losing their health insurance or Social Security or Medicare? How about they apologize to the families who are separated by his Muslim ban.

Also, Trump insulted people during his entire campaign, and before that. He’s like a 12-year-old with his random insulting tweets:

Even before he was president, Trump tweeted out a lot of strange insults:

How presidential. Good job, Republicans!

Featured image via Twitter.

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