Defend Yourself From The Trumpshake – Put The Toddler Tyrant Back In His Playpen (VIDEO)

We’ve all seen the video of President Donald Trump trying to look all dominant with his aggressive handshake. It’s obvious that he is trying to send a message. Rawstory reported on the psychology of this d*ck move:

“Indeed, Trump’s handshakes are not acts of peace, solidarity and goodwill, they are something altogether different. His “clasp and yank” handshake has taken many of its recipients by surprise. He pulls them forwards into his personal space, unbalancing them, and putting them at an immediate disadvantage. He knows that images of these greetings will be shown around the world – and that they will make it look as if he is the man in charge.”

Most liberals agree that the toddler tyrant is actually a thin-skinned, insecure man-child with daddy issues. You do not give in to people like this. You have to assert yourself with them the way a dog owner has to train a pup to obey.

Rawstory goes on to say:

“His handshakes are clearly all about status rather than solidarity. From a psychological perspective, they are arguably self-serving and egocentric, and demonstrate that, as in many aspects of life, the most important thing to Donald Trump is Donald Trump himself.”

This is how you defend against a “Trumpshake” and train the puppy. Watch the training below:


Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube

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