Deadbeat RWNJ Laura Ingraham Being Sued For Failing To Pay Nearly $50K

Laura Ingraham is your basic right-wing conservative: She’s got plenty of money, but she loves the idea of taking things like food stamps away from those who have next to nothing.

Turns out she’s also a freeloader who doesn’t think she has to pay her bills.

Ingraham’s pathetic “news” site, LifeZette is being sued by the Associated Press (AP) because a $50,000 check she wrote to cover unpaid licensing fees and lost revenue bounced.

The Associated Press filed the complaint on Friday. Based on that, it’s clear that Ingraham agreed to pay $4,200 a month so she could use AP content on LifeZette, which is well known to be a purveyor of what can best be described as complete bullshit.

Ingraham Media Group Inc. sent a check for $42,611 to the AP last month, but it was returned for insufficient funds. When the check bounced, the Associated Press decided to take legal action.

No doubt Ingraham will try to blame the matter on the bank, or a big misunderstanding, but this much is clear: She’s a hypocritical deadbeat who should keep her big mouth shut.


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