Clinton SLAMS Mike Flynn With Hill-ar-y-ous Retweet

So NSA Advisor Michael Flynn has tucked tail and run from the White House just three weeks into the gig. My first job at Pier 1 Imports when I was 15 years old lasted longer than three weeks. Of course, I wasn’t secretly communicating with Boris Yeltsin over whether or not he wanted to furnish the Kremlin with papasans and wicker side tables.

But I digress.

You may recall that Flynn and his demon spawn (Michael Flynn Jr., natch) absolutely loved the fake news conspiracy theory known as “pizzagate.” You know, the one that spawned an actual shooting by some guy with fewer brain cells than Patrick Star of Spongebob fame?

What goes around, comes around, shitstain. Or, to put it this way:

Ah, but the pièce de résistance?

Former Secretary of State (and the woman who got 3 million MORE votes than the #SCROTUS) Hillary Clinton retweeted that one, adding this:

Aww, Hills.


Featured image by Jenna Watson/Indy Star

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