By Installing RWNJ Falwell Jr. In Higher Ed Post Trump Wipes His A** With The First Amendment

The conservative religious right helped to get President Donald Trump elected. Welp, now we are seeing the repercussions from this tragic mistake.

Trump acts like he’s never read the Constitution, which is entirely possible. He is giving one of the biggest evangelicals in the country a post in the Department of Education. Jerry Fallwell, Jr. has been placed on a task force dealing with higher education. Supposedly, he will focus on:

“… Overregulation and micromanagement of higher education.”

How in the hell could Trump think this is a good idea? He wants to turn us into a theocracy, and he is taking us in that direction already. His father, Jerry Falwell Sr., founded the “Moral Majority” movement, and now his son will be messing with our higher education.

We’ll see what he does, but I’d imagine he wants to shove religion into our state school systems. He’s trying to make it about “regulations.” How stupid do they think we are?

Please, Drumpf, read the Constitution! Keep the evangelicals away from my rights to religious freedom.

Featured image via Twitter.

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