BREAKING NEWS: This Guy Figured Out The Bowling Green Massacre Conspiracy, It Will BLOW YOUR MIND! (SATIRE)

When President Donald Trump’s Adviser Kellyanne Conway exposed the secret massacre that took place in Bowling Green, Kentucky (the same attack the mainstream media swears didn’t happen), the media and their Illuminati masters have tried to discredit her.

But one brave man has finally come forward to expose their criminal plot by cleverly disguising it as a “satirical” comment. See for yourself.

“Wilileaks released a John Podesta email showing that the DNC, funded by George Soros, was directly responsible for the Bowling Green Massacre. The plot was hatched at a secret Illuminati meet-and-greet with Frederick Douglas in the basement of Comet Ping Pong Pizza. The “fake news” lame street media refuses to report on the massacre so it falls on the shoulders of Faux Noise, Breitfart and Alex Moans to blow the lid off. Illegitimate 45 calls the Prime Minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, and rants about it for 25 minutes before telling him that Amerika, not Belgium, makes the best waffles then hangs up.”

It’s a shame that in two weeks he will be found in his bathtub the victim of an accidental electrocution after deciding to take a bath with his toaster.

And for those who haven’t figured it out yet. This is satire, meaning it’s not to be taken seriously. The Bowling Green massacre didn’t really happen, we’re just fucking with you a little. Okay? No need to report, “fake news” to anybody, ya fucking NARCS.

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