BOOM! CNN’s Jake Tapper Shuts Down Kellyanne Conway With One Tweet

Thursday morning, Trump adviser and Kellyanne Conway appeared on the always inane Fox and Friends. While there, Conway did the only thing she’s even remotely qualified to do: She lied her ass off.

Asked about the contentious call Donald Trump had with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, Conway assured the Fox hosts whoever leaked details of the call did not work in the White House.

Jake Tapper of CNN saw Conway’s performance on Fox News and immediately let her know that he knew more about who was leaking information from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue than she did. Tapper tweeted out:

Face it, Kellyanne, no one believes your bullshit or the crap that comes out of Cheeto Hitler’s mouth. All you have are lies, and those are stale.

This entire White House is just fucking pathetic, isn’t it?

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