Arnie Just Put The Smackdown On Donnie In Their Ongoing Twitter War

Earlier this week at the National Prayer Breakfast, fake president Donald Trump tossed out this line aimed at Arnold Schwarzenegger who is now hosting the Apprentice:

“I want to just pray for Arnold…for those ratings.”

In response, Arnold took to Twitter and had this offer for the alleged head of state:

“Hey Donald. I have a great idea. Why don’t we switch jobs? You take over TV, cause you’re such an expert in ratings. And I take over your job, so that people can finally sleep comfortably again.”

Trump, as is his way, could not leave well enough alone, so he too went on social media Friday morning, posting:

So Schwarzenegger decided to drop the nuclear bomb of truth on Donnie’s orange head, and tweeted out this:

Yep, that’s a link to a 2006 story where Arnold released his tax returns for all the world to see. How ya like them apples, Donald?

Cheeto Face is probably trying desperately to think up a reply right this very minute, but he should save his energy. The illegitimate prez just got his ass handed to him, and there’s no comeback that can top what Schwarzenegger did.

You lose, Trump. Oh, and you’re fired!

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